Renewable Materials Processing

Using biogenic materials and their components as renewable resources in industrial processes - that is the vision of the research area “Renewable Materials Processing”.

Following this concept we deal with developing procedures for sustainable processing and utilization of

  • biogenic raw materials (microalgae, energy crops; biogas)

  • biogenic residues (sludge, fermentation residues, biowaste, manure) and

  • waste water (municipal/industrial wastewater, sludge liquor, landfill leachate)

The focus of our research activities lies on

  • biogas- and digestion technologies
  • processes for biological CO2-utilisation (bio-CCU)
  • industrial production and utilisation of microalgae
  • hydrothermal processes for biomass liquefaction
  • zeolites as ion exchangers in waste water treatment and
  • nutrient recovery (N, P) from wastewater