Laseroptical Laboratory

Optical measurements are used for the experimental investigation of fluid flow structure and particle characterization. The laseroptical laboratory provides a safe work environment when using the high-speed laser and optics. The applied measurements include PIV, LIF, shadowgraphy and high-speed imaging. Furthermore, a nozzle test rig offers spray inspection such as the investigation of droplet breakup.

Laseroptical equipment

High-speed PIV laser with light guiding arm:

Laseroptisch 01
Laseroptisch 02

Anwendung: Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), Shadowgraphy

Highspeed-Kamera Imager 
Pro HS 4M (2 Stück):

Laseroptisch 03

Anwendung: Highspeed Imaging, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Shadowgraphy

Low Speed Kamera sCMOS:

Laseroptisch 04

Anwendung: Laser Induced Fluorescence

LED Beleuchtungsquelle Constellation Veritas 120:

Laseroptisch 05

Anwendung: Highspeed Imaging, Shadowgraphy. Pulse Mode oder Continuous Mode



Seeding generator:

Laseroptisch 06

Application: Seeding for gaseous flow

Far-field microscope:

Laseroptisch 07

Application: Imaging with high magnification, e.g. spray visualization

Nozzle test rig (laboratory scale):

Laseroptisch 08

Application:Spray inspection on a laboratory scale.