Renewable Materials Processing

Against the background of climatic change and the discussions regarding sustainability industry becomes increasingly interested in making production processes environmentally friendly and more efficient by using renewable materials and energy sources without negative influences on cost-efficient production processes which had been optimized for years. Economizing emissions of carbon dioxide as the only incentive for investments in sustainable technologies has become less important due to currently low CO2-certificate prices. Hence, we must succeed to integrate renewable raw materials and technologies in conventional industrial processes in a manner that overall systems are created which are perfectly matched and profit from each other and thus in the end are economically viable.

Optimal integration however requires precise knowledge of both primary industry production and the characteristics of biogenic and renewable materials and technologies - as an interdisciplinary engineering science process technology can function as a bridge builder.

In order to deal with these questions in the border area between conventional industrial production and sustainable raw materials supply the know-how of the chair in the research area “Renewable Materials Processing” which has been built up over years will be specifically pooled. The tasks of the research area are to deal with complex engineering sciences, respectively problems of process technology for the technical utilization of biological processes and biogenic/renewable materials.

The focus lies on:

  • procedures for the cascading use of biogenic raw materials as well as extraction of reusable material from biogenic residues
  • processes to integrate biogenic technologies and raw materials in conventional industrial procedures - CO2-utilisation
  • utilization of cross-industry synergies as well as flow of materials and energy (circular economy)
  • use of functional minerals in process- and environmental technologies, in particular in wastewater treatment
  • linking biotechnological processes with industrial-scale production