The Team of VTiU

Head of Chair

Administration & Laboratory

Research Group Heads

Christian Weiß

Ao.Prof. DI Dr.techn. / University Lecturer, Head of Research Group "Metallurgical Process Engineering"

  +43 3842 402 5009
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Markus Ellersdorfer

Assoz.Prof. DI Dr.mont. / Head of Research Group "Renewable Materials Processing"

  +43 3842 402 5006

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Student staff

  • David Faltner
  • Helena Langitz
  • Sigrid Pichler
  • Martin Pregler
  • Nina Schlemmer
  • Clemens Schobesberger
  • Severin Sendlhofer
  • Dominik Trupina
  • Elias Vigl